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Our Mission

Everything we do focuses on capturing value from data !

Artefact is a global service company that sits at the intersection of marketing, consulting and data science. Our 1000 people break business and IT silos and transform organisations into consumer-centric leaders using digital, data, and AI.

Artefact is a tech company — with headquarters in Paris and offices worldwide, in London, Shangai, Dubai, Brazil and many more — which offers clients data-driven solutions designed to meet their specific business needs.

Luckily, the company takes the same approach when it comes to prioritising their employees’ needs.

This is why they are constantly seeking employee feedback to gain insight into how to make everyone, regardless of gender, feel valued.

Furthermore, in an effort to help women not only advance in their careers but also feel included in the workplace, Women at Artefact was created to foster an inclusive corporate culture and support women in accessing careers in data and in top management.

This initiative gives employees the opportunity to expand their knowledge of gender equality issues and imagine & drive actionable solutions, whilst also inspiring and challenging the initiatives taken by top management.

We, at 50inTech, are very excited to be working with a company that is already actively working towards increasing the number of women represented in tech roles.

– Caroline & the 50inTech team

Our Values

Our multi-disciplinary teams of experts combine data consulting, data science and digital marketing into one comprehensive package. This model breaks silos, supports innovation and produces stronger results. Underpinning our skills are three core values. We believe in driving innovation, action and collaboration in everything we do.

INNOVATION – We have a passion for creating new things.

  • We live for projects that can impact the future
  • We believe innovation can come from anyone, not just engineers
  • We reach for the stars but make the journey one step at a time

ACTION – We would rather do than say what to do.

  • We have a problem-solving state of mind
  • We act fast. We deliver fast
  • We love scalability. It’s our mental playground

COLLABORATION – We believe in bringing talented people together.

  • We would rather win as a team than as individuals
  • We learn new things from each other every day
  • We always speak the truth. It’s the way we’re made

Our Diversity actions

Fair Career Path

  • There is a shared career grid which outlines all of the hard and soft skills required to request a promotion.
  • Anyone interested in career advancement can reach out to their supervisor to help them develop an action plan (e.g. Artefact offers job skills training one Friday per month, courses are available on a internal platform).
  • Artefact values long-term mentorship: all new hires are paired with a senior colleague who is responsible for providing them with advice and support throughout their time at the company.
  • There are 2 performance reviews per year: The first one takes place in July and the second, in December.
  • Employees are able to officially put in a request for promotion during their review.

Equal Pay

  • Senior managers, directors, and partners are all given the option to purchase company shares.
  • Artefact is proud to support women returning to the workplace after maternity leave. In fact, they can even request a promotion upon their return.

Work-life balance

  • Autonomy is vital for employee happiness!
  • At Artefact, we believe that employees should be responsible for organising their own work schedule. Therefore, employees are free to discuss their preferred work rhythm with their managers and clients.

A culture that supports parents.

  • Artefact is offering extended maternity and paternity leave policies beyond the legal requirement.
  • Moreover, Artefact is also working on a possibility to have an adapted work schedule after maternity and paternity leave (i.e. one day on, one day off).
  • The company offers reserved spots at a number of daycare facilities around Paris for expectant parents.

DEI actions

  • Women at Artefact is an Employee Resource Group (ERG) dedicated to helping women access data careers and increasing the number of women in top management positions.
  • All managers must attend an anti-harassment training sessions in which they learn about different types of harassment, as well as de-escalation techniques.
  • There is also a point of contact from the HR team who provides employees with information about the company’s anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies.
  • As part of their gender equality strategy, the company recently launched a dashboard which tracks recruitment, promotion and turnover rates between men and women. 

Diversity and inclusion ambitions for the next year

Artefact is currently working on offering all employees access to DE&I-related training workshops.

Moreover, they are looking forward to increasing the representation of women in tech & top management roles! 


  • Health and life insurances
  • Lunchs contributions
  • Access to a private gym in the office
  • Transport allowance
  • Remote working flexibility
  • Regular corporate events
  • Development prospects : semi-annual competence assessment for hierarchical development, and international mobility
  • Various learning opportunities : mentoring (sponsorship system), data certifications (partnership with Azure, AWS, GMP, GCP), internal knowledge platform, courses (language, data visualisation, coaching…), weekly training day, RETEX

Recruitment Process

  • Step 1 : You send us your Resume and the mean for us to contact you. That's it. We would contact you back!
  • Step 2 : An HR Call, and 3 to 4 rounds depending on the level of seniority, each with business cases that reflect Artefact's business, with our consulting manager/director/partner :)
  • Step 3 : Artefact love you, and you love us back? Welcome to the squad!

Relevant data

Women in the workforce40%
Women in technical roles30%
Women in managerial roles38%
Women in Engineering roles7%
Women in Data roles34%
Women in Product roles31%

Diversity Stories

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