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Our Mission

Believe's mission is to develop independent artists and labels in the digital world by providing them the solutions they need to grow their audience at each stage of their career.

A unicorn company with 1 919 data driven and music experts located over 50 countries, Believe is one of the world’s leading digital music companies. Its mission is to develop independent artists and labels in the digital world.

At the core of its success is a passion for music and a deep respect for its artists and its people. With diversity built into the company’s DNA, Believe has a good ratio of gender equality: 54% of the executive committee is composed of women.

Despite its rapid growth, the company is dedicated to achieving balance in the tech department and is actively addressing this challenge. Believe is committed to implementing concrete actions to guide its growth towards greater diversity and inclusivity.

– Caroline & the 50inTech team

Our Values

Our driving forces are respect, expertise, fairness and transparency: We work to live by these values in all our activities to build long term trust relationships with the artists, the labels and all our partners.

Our Diversity actions

Fair Career Path

  • Equal opportunities: equal opportunities for all people experiencing recruitment, development and promotion processes.
  • Inclusive onboarding (Be Fair program)

Equal Pay

  • Fair pay: everyone who holds the same position, the same level of performance and the same skill set receives a fair wage.

Work-life balance

  • Remote-friendly company
  • Parentality:
    • Formal return-to-work program
    • Breastfeeding rooms available in certain locations
  • Workshops about Mental Health (to prevent and spot burn-outs)

DEI actions

  • DEI training program “BeFair”
  • “Diversity & Inclusion Charter”
  • Commited to raise awareness: bring employees’ attention to unconscious bias and the different forms of discrimination
  • Trainings
    • Trainings on equality: tailored program to train employees on the legal implications of discrimination and to encourage everyone to adopt inclusive behaviors in their daily work
    • Trainings on leadership
  • Safe workplace: environment where all employees can express themselves safely. A robust protocol in place to deal with discrimination and harassment alerts (whistleblowing platform).
  • Committed to promote diversity & inclusion: local and international ambassadors’ communities to promote and deploy impactful initiatives, with the aim of increasing diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
  • A global company’s policy: in all countries all forms of diversity are encouraged: gender, ethnicity, religious belief, age and disability. A mindset shared with all employees and in the relationships with artists, labels and partners.
  • Highlighting women experts: series of portraits entitled Women in Music Tech on Believe’s blog (https://www.believe.com/blog). A woman from the industry shares her story in each article: her experiences, the challenges she has faced and her insights.
  • Partnerships in favor of Diversity
    • Believe is partnering with “Women in Music”, a global community “comitted to advancing gender equality, visibility and opportunities for women in the musical art through education, support, empowerment and recognition.”
    • Believe has signed a pledge with Keychange, a music industry international gender equality initiative, committed to carrying out impactful actions to increase representation of and empower women and gender minorities within the music industry. They pledged to work in six key areas to increase gender parity across the organization.
    • Partnership with MIDiA Research for a global study called “BE THE CHANGE: Women In Music 2022
    • Shapers for good/Our ambassador program for Believe’s volunteers


“Diversity in all its form – gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, disability, age – is a source of creativity and innovation, it enriches us all, both individually and collectively. Being surrounded with people who do not think like you, challenges you and makes you grow. This is particularly important to offer the best solutions to our artists and labels and in our fast-paced environment. Equity and inclusion are key drivers for our people’s well-being and engagement, Believe’s goal is to be both an exemplary inclusive and responsible actor in its sector and the best place to work at in the music industry.” 

CEO Denis Ladegaillerie



​We have two hearts at Believe - our People and our Artists. ​

We believe in THE POWER OF OUR PEOPLE, who grow every day to develop their potential… We aim to provide our Believers with the best environment to thrive. ​


  • Tailor-made training and coaching program ​
  • Remote working policy​
  • A wellness program "Pauses" with many activities and animations in-house​
  • Access to Eutelmed, a digital mental health and well-being platform that allows you to speak with an experienced psychologist​
  • A healthy and eco-responsible company restaurant​
  • Individual or family health insurance​
  • CSE benefits ​
  • A rooftop​
  • A gym with free classes​


  • ​Ambassador program: an employee volunteering initiative dedicated to all Believers interested in having a positive impact on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI), wellbeing and the planet.​
  • Implementation of the sustainable mobility package “Forfait mobilité durable” => Reimbursement of up to 600€ for public transport/low carbon footprint​
  • 5 calendar days 2nd parent leave with 100% pay (in addition to the legal paternity or adoption leave)​


Recruitment Process

The recruitment process will vary according to the role that you are applying to. Steps include: an interview with a member of our Talent Acquisition team; completion of a technical test or business case; an English language test; an interview with the Hiring Manager; followed by an interview with the Manager +1.

Supported communities

Believe has signed a pledge with Keychange, a music industry international gender equality initiative and has entered a pledge agreement with Music Declares Emergency, an independent group working towards a greener future.


Relevant data

Women in the workforce46%
Women in technical roles25%
Women in managerial roles39%
Women in Engineering roles12%
Women in Data roles48%
Women in Product roles40%

Diversity Stories

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