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The go-to app for shared travel.
Paris, France

Our Mission

To be the go-to app for shared travel and fill every empty seat on the road! #ZeroEmptySeats

Born from a simple idea of people sharing their ride at scale, BlaBlaCar's mission is to solve low car occupancy at a global scale and make the world of travel more accessible, affordable, people and environmentally friendly.


BlaBlaCar's wants to become the go-to app for shared travel. They're leveraging technology to fill every empty seat on the road, therefore avoiding 1.6 million tons of CO2 a year! At its core, BlaBlaCar has a human mission: to foster social connection while giving users the freedom to choose who they travel with. BlaBlaCar's founders have been committed to including more women in tech since day one. 

With its comprehensive Women in Tech action plan—which includes a special sourcing strategy for female talents, as well as unconscious bias trainings and fostering ties with various communities—this company is truly on the right path!

Our Values

Be the Member. In order to understand our members and truly meet their needs, we are active carpoolers and users of our service.

Share More. Learn More. Transparency and knowledge-sharing are fundamental to our success.

Dream. Decide. Deliver. It's how we structure our decisions – there's a time to think big, to make data-driven decisions, and to execute.

Be Lean. Go Far. This is about smart resource use internally, and always striving for a lean and simple user experience.

Fail. Learn. Succeed. We love to fail, and we love talking about it.

Fun & Serious. We take fun very seriously.

Our Diversity actions

  • Comprehensive Women in Tech action plan as part of a wider D&I strategy
  • Bi-weekly women in tech sourcing sessions for recruiters
  • Making women in tech a key part of BlaBlaCar's referral program (especially for certain hard to fill positions)
  • Diversifying our recruitment team and interview panels
  • Robust unconscious bias training program for our hiring managers and recruiters (150 people)
  • Free equity for all employees
  • Signatory of the #ParentalAct: one month paid leave for second-parents
  • 1 additional month of parental leave to all BlaBlaCar employees taking care of a newborn
  • Partnership with communities: 50inTech, Ada Tech School, and other more soon
  • Ambition to set up an ERG program
  • Ambition to build an internal mentorship program to pair entry-level employees with more senior peers


I’m a firm believer in the value of having different perspectives around the table and fostering an environment where feels empowered to contribute to the success of BlaBlaCar. Our member community is incredibly diverse, so it's necessary for us as a team to reflect that diversity if we want to be in tune with the needs of our users.” 

– Nicolas Brusson, CEO & co-founder


  • 🏡 Tailor-made remote policy: from 2 days per week to full remote
  • 🚀 Employee Stock Ownership plan
  • 🎈Holidays: 10 days off in addition to the legal 25 days (in France)
  • 🌍 Relocation package and visa sponsorship to welcome you wherever you are currently based
  • 👶 Parental policy including second parents (we signed the #ParentalAct)
  • 🎒 Trainings & career development programs
  • 🚗 Free carpooling & 🚌 bus rides wherever whenever

Recruitment Process

Here’s what your hiring journey will look like

  • a 45-min video-call with one of our Talent Acquisition Managers to get to know you, understand your career expectations and answer your questions
  • a fully remote exercise to evaluate your technical skills
  • a video-call with peers to discuss about your exercise
  • a 60-min video-call with an Engineering manager
  • a 45-min video-call with our VP Engineering

Usually, our hiring process lasts on average 20-25 days and offers usually come within 48 hours.

Supported communities

  • Ada Tech School
  • Sista/StartHer
  • La Croix Rouge
  • 50inTech


Emilie Baliozian
Diversity Inclusion Manager at BlaBlaCar
Elodie Négoti
Talent Acquisition Manager at BlaBlaCar
Olivier Bonnet
CTO - Chief Technology Officer at BlaBlaCar
Lucie Hubert
Business Development at BlaBlaCar
Gabriela GABRIEL
Design System Advocate at BlaBlaCar
Albane Hussenet
Talent Acquisition Manager at BlaBlaCar
Kateryna Doroshchenko
Talent Acquisition Manager at BlaBlaCar Ukraine
Ornella Curti
Business Analyst at BlaBlaCar
Shannon Vettes
Head of Program (transversal product & engineering leader) at BlaBlaCar
marion benard
Agile Coach at blablacar
Adeline Prevost
Communications Director France at BlaBlaCar
Veronika Moran
QA Engineer at
Tetiana Dovhaniuk
QA Engineer at BlaBlaCar
Chloé Friess
tech recruiter at blablacar

Relevant data

Women in the workforce41%
Women in technical roles22%
Women in managerial roles37%
Women in C-level roles29%
Women in leadership roles29%
Egapro index (France, /100)78

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