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Inato is a tech-for-good company striving to bring clinical research to each and every patient across the globe
Paris, France

Our Mission

Inato is a tech-for-good company striving to bring clinical research to each and every patient. To do this, they are building the world's first clinical trial marketplace to create greater visibility, access, and engagement across a more diverse population of doctors and their patients.

Drug development is a complex and rewarding endeavor: they enable sponsors and researchers to work together when developing effective treatments for diseases affecting millions of people.

At Inato, employees have the opportunity to make a daily positive impact. Drug development is a complex and rewarding endeavor: their platform enables sponsors and community-based researchers to work together when developing effective treatments for diseases affecting millions of people. They are on a mission to put more diversity into clinical trials, and that starts with building a team representative of the greater population. Currently, Inato has reached 54% of women in the workforce, and 40% of women, they are steadily working towards achieving gender parity in tech roles.

Our Values

  • Bold: Dare, aim high, take risks.
  • Resilience: Embrace uncertainty, adapt to change, and learn from failure.
  • Caring: Dedicate yourself to people's success and well-being.
  • Pragmatism: Always challenge your thinking by seeking external feedback, prioritize and iterate fast.

Our Diversity actions

  • Parental Act: Inato provides 4 weeks of paid leave for any 2nd parent, regardless of gender. They also created a re-onboarding program for a smooth back-to-work process.
  • Equal compensation and growth framework: for each role, a scorecard is in place. It provides very specific criteria of what the person needs to achieve. Each skill that is matched automatically corresponds to a salary grid.
  • Gender repartition: The overall team is composed of more women than men: 55%. 50% of our management team are women. The Tech team is composed of women by 40%.
  • Average age: Our objective: keep 32 as a minimum average.
  • Workplace Flexibility: Full-remote, hybrid (2-3 days per week) or full-time onsite options open to all.
  • Professional development: Free training on request available for all employees to support up-skilling that impacts the company mission.

Diversity and inclusion ambitions for the next year

  • Hiring an individual responsible for implementing the DEI mission in Europe (supporting the US DEI mission)

Our year at 50inTech

  • Inato has seen a 10% increase in the number of gender parity, from 44% to 54.3% of women in the workforce. 
  • The number of women in tech roles has significantly increased within a year, improving from 20% in 2021 to 40% in 2022.


I am proud to say we are a 'Tech for good' company

Ségolène Philipon, HR and Talent acquisition specialist

At Inato, we make a point of diversity, so we're open to all types of profiles with all types of backgrounds. And thanks to the team's efforts, we already have 40% women on our technical team.

Justine Mignot → Full-Stack Developer

We value diverse candidates that will bring something more to the team. Diversity is consistent with our company's mission of making clinical trials more inclusive.

Bastien Duret - Chief Technology Officer


  • Have a positive impact by working in a "tech for good" company
  • The opportunity to have a strong impact on the product and the strategy
  • Being part of a cohesive team aligned around one mission
  • Good and flexible working conditions: remote first organisation with nice office in Paris if needed.
  • Competitive salary and equity
  • And other cool startup perks:
    • Modern free health insurance (Alan blue)
    • Daycare assistance (all locations)
    • Gymlib pass
    • Compensatory time (RTT)
    • Luncheon voucher (Swile)
    • Top-of-the-line equipment
    • Free books and learning material

Recruitment Process

  • Screening call with HR
  • Job fit interview: chat with a team member or manager
  • Cultural fit interview: a both-way assessment of our company values. It gives to the candidate the opportunity to deeply evaluate our work environment and see if it matches them.
  • Technical test: assignment to prepare at home which is then presented in front of the team. For development team, the test happen before the cultural fit.

The team tries to offer also time to their candidate during the recruitment process:

  • Product demonstration with possibility to ask questions afterward
  • 20 minutes to ask questions during the cultural fit interview
  • The possibility to have a 30-minute discussion with one founder.


Relevant data

Women in the workforce54%
Women in technical roles40%
Women in managerial roles50%
Women in Engineering roles40%
Women in Product roles40%
Women in C-level roles30%

Diversity Stories

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