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Meister makes beautiful productivity tools that bring joy to work and simplicity to collaboration.
Vienna, Austria

Our Mission

Work. Beautifully. Together

Born from the colourful vision of Till Vollmer and Michael Hollauf, Meisterlabs creates beautiful SaaS products that people love to use.

Our Mission

One vision: to build powerful, stunningly designed, team-focused and user-friendly productivity tools that bring joy to work and simplicity to collaboration in everybody’s workplace.

One goal: to become the European leader in workplace collaboration.

Our outstanding software creates better working environments that help teams thrive and allows companies to focus on people, not products.

Each tool in the Meister Suite integrates smoothly with the others to ensure flawless workflows, and keep teams working together, wherever they are, whatever they do.

One direction: What we do is important, how we do it is key to our long-term success: that’s why Meister values work-life balance, sustainability and personal development.

Working Beautifully Together is a philosophy that equally applies to their diverse, driven, and multinational team. With team members from over 30 countries, they foster a welcoming culture, based on understanding, balance and respect.

From startup to scaleup, from a single product to a full Meister Suite, from 2 to 150 people: their ever-growing team of technical and business specialists leads them to the ideal place to achieve their goal and become the European leader in products for the workplace. Their spirit reflects on their beautiful tools: when they integrate LGBTQ representation into their SaaS, they start a conversation and educate the people that use their product. They are a growing company with a big heart.

Continuous growth is part of Meister’s history: at 50inTech, we love to work with them and be witnesses to their drive for raising awareness in the workplace and becoming a big player in corporate social responsibility. They are committed to sharing the Meister values with everyone and we’re determined to help them reach our wonderful and vibrant community of women. Meister is a brilliant Tech company with a bright and inclusive future.

– Caroline & the 50inTech team

Our Values

One Team

We are one team. Meister creates collaborative tools for the workplace: collaborative teamwork is at the core of what we do and how we do it. While there are always more of us at Meister, we are all lined up behind every member of our team, and the goal of one is the goal of all. You can be working in Engineering, Marketing or in People&Culture, you’re one team, you’re the Meister team and we’re one with you. Whatever we achieve, we achieve as a group.

Focused Excellence

We excel in what matters. Build your own hierarchy of values and priorities: pick the most important task and deliver excellence; work on things that are meaningful to you and know that you’ll find an ally in Meister. We appreciate people with a mind of their own: knowing when to say ‘no’ can be a true soft skill. Being good at what you do doesn’t mean that you have to do everything. We will create the right workplace for your focused excellence.

Think It, Do It

Take the initiative. Get it done. Meister began as a startup created by a couple of engineers that came up with innovative ideas for workplace collaboration products. We love and rely on proactive people: when you see something, do something. If you have a vision, act on it even if it’s not in your job description. If you see something that you can improve in the company, don’t think that it’s not your place to speak up: speak. Meister listen to everyone’s voice!

Continual Growth

We grow, continually. Meister has grown from a startup to a scale-up, from a few users to millions of users. Meanwhile, we are continuously growing as people. We value personal growth within our teams: don’t be afraid to think big and develop new skills, explore new challenges, take on new responsibilities. At Meister, you won’t find yourself in a halted development and there’s no glass ceiling. Meister is continually growing, leaving more and more room for our teams to grow as workers and as humans. Never stop growing.


We’re socially responsible. It’s not just a CSR topic. It has to do with the impact that Meister, as a company, has on society. We want to be part of people’s growth in thoughtfulness, consciousness, sustainability, and tolerance. When your company displays strong values, people will identify with you and your values. We want to set an example and establish ourselves as a caring, open-minded and benevolent place to work. That way, we can lead the conversation on important matters in a believable manner. We don’t greenwash, we don’t play inclusive: that’s who we are and that’s what we want to bring to the world.

Our Diversity actions

Fair Career Path

We encourage people to move up in their desired way: you don’t have to become a manager to move up the hierarchy. You can become a leader or you can become an individual contributor: regardless of your choice, you’ll have room to move up and up. There will be no ceiling for your ambition and there will be a role that matches you.

Equal Pay

We have a new performance process in place with performance conversation every quarter. We don’t expect our employees to beg for a salary increase, we provoke the conversation. By using benchmarking comparisons we, make sure that we are matching the market in the respective country. Our salary grid is always fair because with fairness comes equity.

Work-Life Balance

At Meister, we encourage team members to use the work options available to them. We offer remote work opportunities, allowing employees to work from various locations around the world.

  • We offer flexible work schedules within our broad-spectrum working hours, depending on your team’s needs.
  • Possibility of compensating overtime with rest days.
  • We have a company doctor who provides a range of free services, including eye tests. When employees need to visit a doctor during work hours, it won’t be deducted from their working time.
  • Occupational health specialists conduct frequent inspections of employees’ workstations and suggest for improvements based on the latest ergonomic findings.
  • Employees have access to mental health coaches, cost covered by Meister.
  • Life and work often mix, they aren’t contradictory and they can help each other. We provide subsidization for meditation and relaxation apps, sports lessons, language classes, etc.: we support you in many things you could do in your spare time anyway.

DEI Actions

Meister partners with key local organizations that promote diversity and inclusion in Tech. Among them: the Female Factor, a Vienna-based organization for the empowerment of women and non-binary people in the workplace.

Meister is deeply committed to creating safe spaces for our team members and a bias-free recruitment process for potential candidates through the organization of workshops and seminars. All leads with recruiting responsibilities are trained in unconscious bias and nonviolent communication. Team members are free to choose additional training courses, for which Meister will cover or subsidize the costs.

  • The Female Coders: a coding boot camp for people that identify as female.
  • The DE&I council: our teams invest their time in dedicated think tanks working on diversity and inclusion issues.
  • In December 2021, the Meister team raised over €6,000 through a fundraising event to support vulnerable women for a local women’s shelter in our community.
  • We maintain a strong media presence and multiple partnerships to showcase our female role models and keep the conversation going.

We’re a scaleup: everything changes daily for us: At Meister, the last 12 months were eventful and exciting. 50inTech and Meister have common goals and aligned values: we want to promote and empower female talent in tech fields. We love that our people’s stories have inspired women to dare and follow their dreams. We don’t mess around with diversity and inclusion: we have a message to convey and we’re pleased to renew our partnership with a platform entirely dedicated to DE&I.

Diversity and Inclusion Ambitions for Next Year

DE&I issues matter immensely to us. We believe that we can always do better and we intend to! We grow continuously also means that our ambition to become more and more diverse and inclusive grows alongside. We’ve changed the way we work together: 

  • We’ve created business boards that highlight the points we want to address in priority and what our focus points should be. We have a board item exclusively aimed towards DE&I and belonging initiatives. 
  • We talk about many topics: mental health, gender diversity, representation. These are ongoing conversations throughout the company, and we have big ambitions for this new year. Remember: Think it, Do it.

Our year together

We’re a scaleup: everything changes daily for us: At Meister, the last 12 months were eventful and exciting. 50inTech and Meister have common goals and aligned values: we want to promote and empower female talent in tech fields. We love that our people’s stories have inspired women to dare and follow their dreams. We don’t mess around with diversity and inclusion: we have a message to convey and we’re pleased to renew our partnership with a platform entirely dedicated to DE&I.


“We want to provide an environment in which people feel well and can be who they truly are. Our culture is build on respect towards all individuals, regardless of their origin or identity.”

-Clemens Weidenbach, Meister CEO


  • Find your place. We’re ambitious and well funded: driving innovation and bringing value to users.
  • Feel valued. Salaries at Meister match your skills and experience. You’ll share in our success with an employee share ownership programme on top of your salary.
  • Define your future. Ten percent of our time in the workplace is dedicated to personal development, with customizable training plans.
  • Get out there. Attend industry meetups and participate in exciting events like React Conf, EuRuKo and more.
  • Choose where. Work with us in Vienna or remotely anywhere in Austria and Germany. Full-remote possibilities for international team members.
  • Choose when. Organize your work week as you like with our Flexitime Agreement.
  • Choose how. Select your own hardware and join an agile environment that promotes autonomy.
  • Get there. We cover transit passes or other commuter benefits.
  • Stay healthy. Enjoy subsidized indoor, outdoor and wellness activities in Austria, Germany or the US.
  • Relax. Get additional vacation days on your birthday, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. Vacation entitlement increases with your seniority at Meister.
  • Celebrate. We host regular social events, including an annual company retreat and frequent team activities.

Recruitment Process

1, 2, 3, 4, 5! We don’t mess around: our hiring process is short, sweet and effective. At the interview stage, we’ll share our vision, values and expectations, then give you the chance to ask questions to find out whether you’d be a good fit for our team.

  1. Send us your CV
  2. Interview on phone
  3. Complete a challenge
  4. Personal interview
  5. Team meeting

Welcome to Meister!

Supported communities

  • Partnership with the Female Factor, a female-centric organization, helping us spread the word to more women
  • Donations to the Frauenhäuser Wien= Vienna women's shelter (more info can be found here), including 50 Christmas goody bags for children, 150 tickets for a visit to Vienna’s Aquarium, vouchers for grocery stores
  • Fundraising event for a local women’s shelter in Vienna, raising over €6000 to provide relief for vulnerable women in the local community


Liis Monson
Product Manager at MeisterLabs GmbH
Line Jensen
Customer Success Team Lead at Meister
Martin Gassner
Talent Acquisition Lead at Meisterlabs
Renée Venturoli-Gabriel
Office Manager at MeisterLabs Software GmbH
Katharina Brandl
Talent Partner at Meister
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Talent Partner at Meister
Anabel Arndt
Commercial Trainee at Meister
Ana Moreira
Business Development at MeisterLabs
Cornelia Patscheider
Instructional Designer at Meister

Relevant data

Women in the workforce42%
Women in technical roles26%
Women in managerial roles39%
Women in Engineering roles19%
Women in Data roles42%
Women in Product roles50%

Diversity Stories

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