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Pioneering AI technology for a safer world
AI/Machine Learning
Paris, France

Our Mission

Powering state-of-the-art Machine Learning and Computer Vision, Preligens aggregates information from multi-intelligence sources to provide its Defence and Intelligence (D&I) customers with strategic knowledge regarding mission critical areas of interest. The company is a global leader in AI-enabled D&I applications offering two major products, one solution based on Image Intelligence monitoring and one on Multi Intelligence sources.

Founded in 2016, Preligens' mission is to create tools to help intelligence professionals make better sense of copious amounts of data. The company uses Artificial Intelligence to automate the analysis of multi-source data to provide its Defense and Intelligence (D&I) customers with strategic knowledge regarding mission critical areas of interest.

In such a tech-heavy industry, women are still in the minority. That's why it's great to see that, at Preligens, diversity is a key priority. This is reflected in their policies—from generous parental leave, to objective salary grids, to unconscious bias trainings. The company has also appointed a People & Diversity manager to draw up a comprehensive diversity roadmap and ensure targets are met.

Our Values

BOLDNESS: Creating AI-based software for the defense sector requires a great deal of boldness, with high entry barriers and stringent technical requirements. Our challenge-driven mindset and our ability to think differently really push us to invent products that will revolutionize our clients’ uses, help them on a daily basis and build a safer world. It is also what drives us to set up ambitious policies that promote gender equality, such as ensuring 10-weeks minimum parental leave.

DETERMINATION: We go the extra mile in every project we undertake. We are committed to surpassing ourselves to take on the most ambitious challenges while remaining pragmatic and resilient.

EXCELLENCE: The nature of our clients’ missions requires them to set extraordinarily high standards in their work; we owe it to them to have the same mindset. Our pursuit of excellence applies to all areas, from onboarding new team members to developing new products and training our clients to use our solutions.

LISTENING: We are always attentive and listen carefully when interacting together, both internally and with our customers. Our products are developed in a collaborative process with our clients. We are convinced that knowledge sharing and collaborative work are the best ways to bring value. We invest in each individual’s ability to thrive in an environment that actively supports mentorship and training.

Our Diversity actions

  • Salary grid based on the level of the role and the number of years of professional experience to ensure that remuneration is decided objectively, and to eliminate negotiation bias.
  • Parental leave: the second parent (irrespective of their gender) benefits from at least 10 weeks of payed leave post birth (6 more than legal requirement).
  • Recruitment training for all new hiring managers/interviewers with an emphasis on unconscious bias.
  • A People & Diversity manager was hired and is currently working on a Diversity roadmap (gender diversity but also disability policy)
  • Tech skills and soft skills trainings provided upon employees' requests through our HR Development & Learning Manager
  • Employees involvement in Paris Data Ladies meetup
  • Coaching / mental support program with Moka Car


"It's not more difficult to succeed as a woman. It’s just that because you are being told that it will be more difficult to succeed that it becomes like a self-fulfilling prophecy. That’s why it’s vital to have strong female role models who prove that anything is possible."

— Amaury Mathivet, Talent Acquisition Manager at Preligens


  • "No meeting" Thursday afternoons, dedicated to training & specific projects. Inspirational speakers are invited regularly.
  • Swile card (meal vouchers)
  • 25 days paid leave + 10-12 complementary days of leave per year
  • Healthcare coverage
  • Partnership with Train Me: online sport courses
  • Dedicated process to obtain IT equipment at home (for both full remote and non full remote employees)
  • Specific budget reserved for personal growth and development through an internal e-learning platform

Recruitment Process

  1. Hiring Manager Interview: 45 minutes interview with the tech manager
  2. Technical assessment & assessment debrief
  3. Recruiter interview: 45 minutes interview with a recruiter
  4. Founders interviews

Supported communities

  • AI for Tomorrow
  • Tech For Good
  • Le bleuet de France
  • Preligens supports Philippe Hartz in his Figaro sailing race


Relevant data

Women in the workforce27%
Women in technical roles20%
Women in managerial roles29%
Women in C-level roles25%

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