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Our Mission

TF1 Group is a French television leader and a major player in the production, publishing and distribution of content internationally.

Our Mission : We want to inspire society through all the content we produce and distribute.

With our audiovisual and digital studios, our unparalleled newsrooms and our music labels, we’re at the heart of the French and European audiovisual creation ecosystem.

Our commitments:

💫Make content the heart of everything,

💫 Bring uniqueness in life

💫Continually expand our understanding and services to our audiences

💫Create economic and societal value

TF1 is the most watched channel in France since its creation in 1975. But behind the success of this flagship of French audiovisual scenery, there is the TF1 Group. A group built on a strong sense of belonging, and employees who take pride in being part of a major audiovisual adventure. Above all, TF1 remains a community of hearts and spirits, and the power of the group lies in the strength of its collective.

TF1 means commitment. With their teams, and, for the first in the group’s history, 100% gender-balanced Excom, they intend to play their part in society to advance the rights of all with proactive policies. Gender equality, recognition of disabilities, LGBTQ+ rights, and advocating for all diversities: TF1 acts and contributes.

TF1 means excellence. Excellence is what everyone demands from themselves and asks of all, at all levels of the group. They know that with leadership comes responsibility. And each employee within the company upholds a corporate culture that has kept a family and friendly atmosphere while aiming for the stars.

TF1 means diversity. They encourage the plurality of projects and career trajectories. With a strong positioning on mobility and professional retraining, the group promotes different career paths within the company and in their recruitment policies. And TF1 is taking up the huge challenge of the feminization of Tech positions by supporting and empowering female profiles.

TF1 means innovation. They’re at the forefront of technological developments and rely on their solid foundations to invent the audiovisual landscape of tomorrow. Today, the group is accelerating its digital transformation to position itself as a major player in the streaming industry. For TF1, this implies a strong commitment to high-tech projects. Securing flows and signals, cybersecurity, data, engineering: many career opportunities are opening up within the leading company, in innovative sectors.

And, in 2023, TF1 is renewing its partnership with 50inTech. A source of pride for us, and a new opportunity for our community to discover the thousand and one Tech facets of a group 100% committed to the cause of women.

Our Values

- Always aiming for excellence

Offering the best content and a perfect experience to millions of French people

- Let's be in together

Our strength comes from our ability to bring together all the talents needed to make the magic happen on each project.

- Dare to be bold

When you work in the TF1 Group, you can't help but appreciate boldness. It is the condition for constantly surprising, astonishing, moving, and achieving great things.

- Shared trust

Without mutual trust, there can be no effective teamwork, let alone harmonious and even less of a harmonious relationship!

- Resolutely committed

The impact of our actions is immediate, and we want it to be positive.

Our Diversity actions

Fair Career Path

Our mobility manager accompanies career changes within the group. In 2022, more than 130 employees benefited from this support.

  • Recruitment teams and managers involved in the recruitment process are trained in non-discrimination and unconscious bias identification.
  • Several mentoring programs encourage skills improvement and development. Employees can apply for these internal mobility programs during their annual interview:
    • TF1 mentoring program with a mentor from another sector;
    • Bouygues Group mentoring programs with mentors from other subsidiaries;
    • The joint mentoring program Mixité en Seine: with a mentor from another company, partner of the system.
  • The female leadership training course provides our female employees with the right tools to work on their professional development dynamics.
  • TF1 promotes a friendly onboarding with:
    • a buddy system to guide your first steps in the workplace
    • a morning discovery of the company
    • an exchange with the HR teams
  • TF1 Group opens their positions to people in retraining. They’re also committed to facilitating access to Tech roles for individuals with disabilities and to making life easier for employees with long-term illnesses.

Equal Pay

At the end of 2022, we initiated a salary survey, using the *Willis Tower Watson’*s method. It showed a gap of 1.71% … in favor of women.

  • TF1 Group conducts annual salary assessments.
  • We carry out salary compensation processes outside annual campaigns, in the event of unexplained disparities: gender, disability, unconscious bias, etc.

Work-life balance

We favor on-site work to preserve the spirit of cohesion dear to all group employees, while offering flexibility conducive to a good work-life balance.

  • 2 days of teleworking per week for all permanent employees
  • Flexibility of schedules and holiday periods
  • TF1 is a signatory of the Corporate Parenthood Charter:
    • Adjustment of working hours after the declaration of pregnancy (an 80% reduction of working time and possibility of working remotely)
    • Birth bonus
    • 4 weeks breastfeeding leave
    • A four-week leave for the second parent
    • Adoption leave: to support adoption projects, prepare for the child’s arrival, accompany parents who adopt abroad and help settle the child in their new environment;
    • support for assisted fertility
    • Days off for sick children (6, 9 or 12 depending on the number of children), relatives hospitalized (3) or with disabilities (5).
  • Employees with disabilities and neurodiversity:
    • A referent accompanies people with disabilities when they join TF1
    • Flexibility of schedules and adapted teleworking programs
    • Adjustment of workstation layout for employees with special needs
  • Occupational Health
    • Observatory on the health of employees on a biannual basis
    • Doctor and medical service on site (nurses, psychologist, social worker, ergonomist)
    • Compulsory family health insurance offering consultations with various health professionals (alternative medicine package, mental health consultations, etc.)
    • A helpline dedicated to mental health
    • Preventive health actions

DEI actions

TF1 proudly conducts and supports numerous DE&I actions. We have just signed our 6th Disability Agreement and have launched a feminization plan for professions where women are under-represented within the group.

  • The Career Committee fights all discrimination related to disability and ensures that disabled staff benefit from fair promotions and training. In the event of deviations from the market or internally, wages are immediately revalued
  • Disability awareness programs for all new employees and all newly promoted managers.
  • TF1 ensures job retention in case of long-term illness or disability through retraining programs within the group.
  • TF1 has signed the Cancer@Work charter: the aim is to reconcile illness and work, de-dramatize illness situations and raise awareness among all employees on the subject.
  • The 50/50 network for diversity. Women and men who, together, carry out many actions in favor of diversity, equity and inclusion, in the context of meetings with staff members:
    • Inspirational conferences with the intervention of women belonging to different trades (Air Force, etc.)
    • Film screenings
    • Round tables
    • Informal networking cocktails
    • company events
    • and more.
  • We were one of the first media networks in France to sign the Charte d’Engagement LGBT de l’Autre Cercle (the Charter of Inclusion and Non-Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation). In 2022, we renewed our unwavering commitment to the LGBTQ+ movement and l’Autre Cercle distinguished three TF1 role models.
  • The group is committed to the #StOpE initiative (against ordinary sexism in the workplace).
  • We’re signatories of the Inclusion Manifesto in favor of the employment of people with disabilities.
  • The group’s commitments to Mission Handicap:
    • Implementation of actions, participation in events organized by associations to recruit our future employees with disabilities, sponsorship, etc.
    • participation in the DuoDay event
    • participation in the Week for the Employment of People with Disabilities
    • A digital accessibility referent.

Latest DE&I Actions and Awards

  • TF1 is committed to all subjects regarding diversity and inclusion throughout the year. Among recent events:
    • Participation in the foundations of parity
    • Gold and Jury’s Coup de Cœur awards at the Media Responsibility Grand Prize in the category ‘gender parity policy’
    • Participation in the World Day Against Homophobia, with screening of films and speeches by LGBTQ+ role models within TF1 with the 50/50 network

Actions for Climate Change

Fighting to preserve the planet is at the core of many initiatives and actions of the TF1 group.

  • Reduction of energy consumption by a third in 10 years
  • Eco-production and reduction of the carbon footprint of TF1 productions
  • Sobriety policy: raise awareness and train all employees in eco-actions and the challenges of ecological transition
  • A carbon impact observatory since 2007
  • A 30% reduction in the carbon footprint of the group by 2030
  • A Green IT referent
  • A study group within the Technical Department for digital sustainability
  • Contribution to Planète Tech’Care work studies
  • Deployment of the Fresques du Numérique
  • Extension of the duration of use of workstations to 48 months +
  • TF1 headquarters certified Iso 51 since 2018
  • Signature of the Ecowatt charter
  • 80% of the fleet electric or hybrid, 100% by 2024
  • 2023 ambition: 70% of Technical Department and Digital Department teams trained in digital sobriety

Our year with 50inTech and DE&I ambitions for Next Year

The TF1 group is determined to become the obvious employer of choice for all women in Tech. This first year of our partnership with 50inTech has allowed us to reach a large community of the highly qualified women that we’re looking for. And, with the upcoming deployment of our CRM, we’re opening up new and numerous technological career opportunities to the community in 2023. Join us!


  • 130 electrified parking spaces for employees
  • Sustainable mobility package: Pass Navigo at 80% or a sustainable mobility package of €500 or Pass Navigo at 60% + sustainable mobility package of €300
  • Compulsory family health insurance
  • Our corporate events
  • 1 hour with: inspiring conferences
  • An in-house gym
  • 18 sports sections (hiking, skiing, tai chi, etc.)
  • Laundry lockers
  • Day care subsidy up to kindergarten: €10/day
  • 30 day care spots reserved within the Babylou network
  • Occasional babysitting service
  • The Yoopies platform (nannies, babysitters, pet sitters)
  • Our mighty CSE

Recruitment Process

Once you have identified the right job offer for you within the group, just apply!

  • We acknowledge the receipt of your application and notify you by email
  • Our Talent Acquisition team carefully reviews your application
  • Our recruitment team contacts you for a first phone exchange
  • Did you fit the criteria? If so, we invite you to our headquarters for an interview
  • You meet the recruitment team, the operational managers and the HR manager and we proceed to technical and personality tests
  • Our recruiter keeps you informed of the progress of the process and gives you the final decision.

Supported communities

As a major player in societal transformations, we support over 115 associations, including:

  • L’autre Cercle
  • Le Refuge
  • Connect Women
  • LGBT+ and Allies
  • ThisAbility Network
  • BOLD (Black Organization for Leadership and Diversity)
  • Elles Bougent
  • Cercle InterElles
  • Fondation CGénial
  • Universcience Partenaires


Relevant data

Women in the workforce52%
Women in technical roles29%
Women in managerial roles45%
Women in Data roles33%
Women in Product roles32%
Women in C-level roles40%

Diversity Stories

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