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Our Mission

VO2 Group is an independent international company that unleashes the transformative power of technology to help its customers access new experiences, new worlds of products and services.

In France and internationally (Paris, Lille, Brussels, Montreal, Toronto, New York, Shanghai, Casablanca), VO2 Group combines the expertise of its 700+ consultants with the agility and freshness of a start-up to reinvent the world of new technology consulting and accelerate the digitisation of all sectors of the global economy. Luxury, Retail, Media, Finance, Automotive... from scale-ups to CAC 40 companies: we create 360° strategies to support the biggest players in the market in their Tech and Digital challenges and open up the infinite possibilities.

Our strength? our independence... and our 10 years of growth!

VO2 Group is the only ESN of its size to have been set up on an equal footing by a founding couple, Émilie and Florent Daversin, joined by ambitious partners, with equality, diversity and inclusion at the heart of its strategy. For the company, the recognition and visibility of women in technology companies are at the heart of all the challenges facing tech in the 21st century. With 45% women in the company and an impressive 54% in management positions, VO2 Group has established itself as one of the most inclusive companies in French tech.

As proof of this, the Group has been awarded the Happy At Work label and has just won 1st place in the prestigious Choose My Company awards in the ESG Impact category! Another highlight, and not the least, is that they have the best recommendation rate from women, with 94% compared with 69% on average in France!

These awards confirm their pioneering position in terms of CSR commitment and the Future of Work, and the fact that they have been ahead of their market since their creation. 

Right in the heart of Paris's Silicon Sentier, they have set up shop in a hub that's as welcoming as it is conducive to pushing oneself to the limit - the rooftop with its 360° view over the whole of Paris and the gym are no mean feats!  Eco-sourced furniture to offer their employees and their entire ecosystem (yes, their customers and partners come to work for them) a place to work and live that unleashes their potential

It's this blend of determination, boldness, skill and playfulness that makes VO2 Group a radically unique ESN, and one that we at 50inTech love! And we can't wait to share our enthusiasm with all our 50's talents.

– Caroline & the 50inTech team

Our Values


VO2 Group is committed to releasing everyone’s energies and skills.

We know how to seek out, reveal and develop talents and ambition. We are proud of the successes of our customers and partners, and of course those of our teams, all over the world.


At VO2 Group, we know how to project ourselves into the future with curiosity and creativity. We follow our intuitions and create our own path, to preserve our entrepreneurial freedom and our independent advice.


At VO2 Group, we want to be of service. Our world is driven by innovation and technology, but must be designed for people and organizations. We listen and act quickly to stay relevant, useful and impactful.


At VO2 Group, we believe that everyone has an area of excellence to rely on, whether it is human, technical or creative skills. Together, we strive for excellence in service and consulting, in our products and the experiences we create.


At VO2 Group, we create virtuous circles and share with our entire ecosystem – employees, customers, partners and communities. Our tech-oriented heart gives us the means to act in the long term, and our ethics create meaning daily.

Our Diversity actions

Fair career path

We support equal opportunities

  • We define career paths based on clear and transparent skills grids.
  • Our management supports the career development of our teams.
  • Our mentors help new recruits settle in.

Equal Pay

YES, YES, YES! Pay equity is at the heart of VO2 Group's policies.

  • Our pay scales are crystal clear.
  • Our employees have access to our capital via our FCPE plan.
  • We carry out annual salary reviews
  • We adjust our employees' salaries when they return from maternity leave

Work-life balance

Through dialogue, listening and flexibility, we ensure that our teams are well-balanced in all areas.

  • Although we attach great importance to our community life and face-to-face exchanges, we offer our employees the opportunity to telework.
  • We adapt our employees' working hours as far as possible.
  •  Our holiday schedules are flexible, right from the first year.
  • We support parents in all their plans and constraints:
    • Both parents benefit from parental leave, paid for by VO2 Group;
    • we maintain your salary during maternity leave;
    • we take care of crèches and nurseries;
  • We understand the ups and downs of life: we cover specific leave linked to difficult personal events.
  • VO2 Group events: we take every opportunity to share happy, festive moments.

DE&I actions

  • With an average age of 30 and over 20 nationalities represented, we trust our teams to carry forward the spirit of tolerance and inclusion that is VO2 Group's strength. We are present and determined to remind people of the rules of living together when necessary.
    • Our HR teams have put in place clear policies against all forms of harassment: any employee can report inappropriate behaviour via a dedicated email address, which triggers an immediate internal investigation.
    •  Our recruitment manager organises annual training sessions on cognitive bias and discrimination, for both recruitment teams and employees.
    • We place a premium on human qualities above all else, and are open to all profiles: from the most junior to candidates undergoing retraining.
    • We are attentive to all types of diversity, including gender diversity. We take care to respect everyone: from the adoption of inclusive language that respects identities to the choice of pronouns;
  • We are also signatories and co-editors of the Care Capital Inclusive Manager Manifesto, alongside major companies such as SAP, KPMG and GE Healthcare.
  • We are a member of the 1000 Women in Tech initiative, launched by Salesforce, which is committed to finding a job for a thousand women in the digital world over the next two years. 
  • As a partner of the 3rd Bright & Bold Nights, created by Laura Lesueur and Fatou Ndiaye, we help our female employees to dare to be in the spotlight and celebrate their audacity. We also provide them with licences to join the Legend Ladies Academy, which gives them concrete ways of deploying their full potential at VO2 Group and in their lives in general.
  • Finally, we are partners in the IA Kesk'IA by Evolukid programme, alongside SAP, Société Générale and L'Oréal in particular, for which our employees help students from local areas and neighbourhoods to develop POCs in artificial intelligence.
  • To promote equality and spread opportunities across borders and cultures, we're going one step further with the Role Model Parties! Tech & careers" talks with high-profile guests on concrete topics: How can our role models unlock our potential? How can we create a network for our entire career? The importance of coaching?

Our Diversity and Inclusion ambitions for next year

We're proud of the fact that 45% of our employees are women, and we're committed to recruiting more! By 2020 we will have achieved full parity!

In addition to our external D&I initiatives alongside major partners (see D&I initiatives), our ambition is to boost our internal initiatives even further:

We're creating internal women & inclusivity events: a comprehensive empowerment and leadership programme dedicated to the company's talents... open to everyone!

  • VO2 for Good: we want to take our charter of commitment to major social issues even further: diversity, parity, disability and sustainable development.
  • VO2 Rocket Academy: we want to develop our in-house training school, which propels our talent towards greater expertise in technology, consulting or business and trains them in the soft skills and cross-disciplinary competencies of the moment. 
  • The Yellow Comex: we are going to further roll out our version of the shadow comex, which makes our teams key players in our DE&I strategy.
  • The Superteam: our Superteam Group is growing! We now have twenty or so people to facilitate internal dialogue. Our version of the support teams, to help our employees with all their day-to-day problems and questions, from the most trivial to the most serious.


  • 5 weeks' paid holiday and 9 days' RTT.
  • Swile luncheon vouchers worth €8/day, 50% paid by VO2 Group.
  • Help with soft mobility: 50% reimbursement of the Navigo pass or a company bicycle paid for at 70%.
  • An annual holiday bonus equivalent to 1% of salary.
  • Free access to a gym open to all employees.
  • 2 days' teleworking per week.
  • A super mutual with the highest levels of cover (Génération/AG2R).
  • Events: evening parties, get-togethers, seminars, etc.
  • (Large) corporate gifts.
  • A benefits platform: ticketing, travel discounts, and much more.
  • A concierge service (hairdresser, manicurist, massage, rest room, dry cleaning, etc.).

Recruitment Process

The face-to-face interview is crucial: if you want to feel at home with VO2 Group, your attitude, mindset and interpersonal skills must be in line with the company's values.

  • A telephone interview with our Talent Acquisition Specialist.
  • A face-to-face interview at our offices with a manager.
  • A telephone interview with a technical person.

Supported communities

  • Run4Digital: our running club, the race for Tech and Digital professionals, which organises quarterly one-week challenges in aid of a charity: 1 km run = 1 euro and the entire amount is donated. Run4Good!
  • Le Cercle des Alumnis: interns, work-study students, freelancers or ex-CDIs, you're part of the fabric of our company: once a VO2, always a VO2!
  • The Rocket Academy: a training centre for methodology, technology and soft skills.
  • CHATTONS: our monthly newsletter (also available in freelance and alumni versions)
  • Our school partnerships: Epita and the Master 2 "Finance, Technology & Data" at La Sorbonne with the Applied Machine Learning Module (and VO2 Group prize for the best dissertation). 
  • Associations : VO2 Group hosts guide dog students to raise awareness among employees about volunteering and the visually impaired. We are also a collection point twice a year with REdonner to give a second life to our clothes.


Relevant data

Women in the workforce45%
Women in technical roles38%
Women in managerial roles54%
Women in Engineering roles30%
Women in Data roles30%
Women in Product roles38%
2023 50inTech