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ALTERNANCE - Assistant Administratif et Planning F/H

Boulogne-Billancourt, France
CDD Alternance

Faisons connaissance

Au sein de TF1, la Direction des Technologies opère et met en œuvre les systèmes techniques (IT et Broadcast) soutenant l’activité du Groupe TF1. Elle assure notamment le maintien en condition opérationnelle des assets techniques, pilote la stratégie technologique et mène les grands projets techniques pour l’ensemble des directions du Groupe.  


Elle est en interface avec l’ensemble des métiers du groupe (Publicité, Antennes, Contenus, Production, Entertainment) et des fonctions supports (RH, Finance, Juridique…) ; intervenant sur tous les sujets de support et de transformation technologique. C’est ainsi que nos 300 collaborateurs accompagnent chaque année de nombreux projets ambitieux, innovants et agiles afin de répondre efficacement aux besoins métiers dans des environnements technologiques variés tels que : Cloud, IA, RPA, API, UX … 

Votre rôle au sein de l’équipe

La Direction de la Broadcast Factory recherche un(e) alternant(e) en charge de l’assistanat et du planning. 


Auprès du service de planification, vous aurez pour missions : 

    • Saisie de plannings 
    • Suivi des modifications
    • Validation des plannings
    • Suivi administratif en relation avec la paie et/ou DRH
    • Gestion des contrats intermittents
    • Publication et diffusion des plannings


  • Organisation des Vis ma Vie de la Média Factory

Localisation du poste

Vos atouts pour faire la différence

  • Vous êtes étudiant(e) en formation BTS Assistanat de gestion/direction ou équivalent à dominance administrative. 
  • Vous êtes organisé(e), rigoureux(se), autonome. 
  • Vous êtes force de proposition. 
  • Vous avez une appétence particulière pour la gestion administrative. 
  • Vous maitrisez les outils bureautiques (Word, Excel…)
This is the logo of TF1


Welcome to a world of content

TF1 is the most watched channel in France since its creation in 1975. But behind the success of this flagship of French audiovisual scenery, there is the TF1 Group. A group built on a strong sense of belonging, and employees who take pride in being part of a major audiovisual adventure. Above all, TF1 remains a community of hearts and spirits, and the power of the group lies in the strength of its collective.

TF1 means commitment. With their teams, and, for the first in the group’s history, 100% gender-balanced Excom, they intend to play their part in society to advance the rights of all with proactive policies. Gender equality, recognition of disabilities, LGBTQ+ rights, and advocating for all diversities: TF1 acts and contributes.

TF1 means excellence. Excellence is what everyone demands from themselves and asks of all, at all levels of the group. They know that with leadership comes responsibility. And each employee within the company upholds a corporate culture that has kept a family and friendly atmosphere while aiming for the stars.

TF1 means diversity. They encourage the plurality of projects and career trajectories. With a strong positioning on mobility and professional retraining, the group promotes different career paths within the company and in their recruitment policies. And TF1 is taking up the huge challenge of the feminization of Tech positions by supporting and empowering female profiles.

TF1 means innovation. They’re at the forefront of technological developments and rely on their solid foundations to invent the audiovisual landscape of tomorrow. Today, the group is accelerating its digital transformation to position itself as a major player in the streaming industry. For TF1, this implies a strong commitment to high-tech projects. Securing flows and signals, cybersecurity, data, engineering: many career opportunities are opening up within the leading company, in innovative sectors.

And, in 2023, TF1 is renewing its partnership with 50inTech. A source of pride for us, and a new opportunity for our community to discover the thousand and one Tech facets of a group 100% committed to the cause of women.

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