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Responsable Administration du Personnel

Verkor is a French industrial company aiming to pioneer low-carbon battery manufacturing in France. With the backing of prominent industrial companies such as Renault Group, Plastic Omnium and Schneider Electric, Verkor intends to electrify the future of European mobility.

With over 200+ experts from 29 different countries, our endeavor is to unite exceptional global talent to bring this ambitious and innovative project to life. Our strong and agile international team continues to grow and adapt to new challenges. Based in Grenoble (France), we are currently establishing our Verkor Innovation Centre (R&D centre and 4.0 pilot line).

In the coming years, we will focus on building the world’s most modern and efficient Gigafactory in Dunkirk (France). With this facility, our ambition is an initial annual production of 16 Gwh of lithium-ion batteries by 2025, thus powering 300,000 electric vehicles annually and creating 1200 direct jobs.  

In joining us you will actively participate in this breathtaking industrial adventure toshape the future of European mobility.

Notre équipe RH s'agrandit à Grenoble !
Nous sommes à la recherche d'un.e expert.e des sujets administratifs !

Responsabilités :

  • Différents domaines de compétences sont attendus :
  • Paie :
  • Gestion du prestataire externe, saisie et vérification des éléments variables de paie
  • Gestion et contrôle des déclarations sociales
  • Traiter les entrées du personnel (DPAE, médecine du travail, inscriptions à la mutuelle, registre du personnel etc..
  • Elaboration et gestion des contrats : types de contrats, statuts, coefficients, salaires, clauses etc...
  • Sorties de salariés (indemnités, préavis, SDTC etc..)
  • Gestion de salariés étrangers (numéros SS, suivi des relocations packages etc..)
  • Contrôle des notes de frais
  • Gestion des dossiers de salariés :
  • Suivi des mobilités internes et externes : changements de poste, aide à la mobilité nationale et internationale, onboarding
  • Gestion des visas pour les salariés étrangers (collecte des documents, lien avec la consultante, envoi des documents, suivi du process…), support sur l'onboarding des collaborateurs étrangers à terme : (logement, banque, école…) ·
  • Gestion de projets RH : en fonction des projets du service (changement de logiciel de paie ; organisation du travail ; Mise en place du SIRH etc….)

  • Prérequis :

  • Niveau bac +2/bac +3 GEA ou RH
  • Expérience validée d'au moins 5 ans sur le poste et connaissance du métier RH en milieu industriel
  • Anglais courant requis
  • Maîtrise du Pack office
  • Autonomie, Rigueur, Enthousiasme
  • Organisation, discrétion, dynamique
  • Gestion d’une équipe administration du personnel
  • Bonne gestion du temps et des priorités
  • A l’aise dans un environnement changeant, avec un poste qui sera amené à évoluer
  • Force de proposition

  • Caractéristiques

  • CDI temps plein 35h, poste ETAM
  • Environnement de travail stimulant, équipe multiculturelle et engagée
  • Forte croissance, et intégration massive de nouveaux salariés
  • Projets innovants
  • Salaire à définir selon expérience
  • Why join us?

    Strong company spirit and culture settle down around our 4 values:
    We promote personal initiative and give everyone the means to contribute to the company's success.
    We're committed to transparent communication: we say what we think, and we mean what we say.
    Team Spirit
    Everyone, in their role, is an ambassador for the company. At Verkor, success is most definitely a team sport!
    We're all working towards a common goal: a sustainable future, which we're building one step at a time.

    Attractive work conditions
    - Stimulating work environment: pleasant offices, multicultural and motivated team
    - Live and work in the Green Capital of Europe
    - Lunch vouchers
    - 50% of local transportation costs financed
    - 5 weeks of holidays per year + 2 weeks of compensation time (RTT).
    - Industry-leading healthcare
    - Opportunities to network and connect with worldwide experts

    For more info on the company, please visit us at www.verkor.com


    Fast-tracking low-carbon battery production in France
    Gender Score

    Founded as a startup in July 2020, Verkor is on a mission to manufacture lithium-ion electric battery cells for the European market. Currently manufacturing batteries for Renault, they are a leading, innovative and environmentally ethical low-carbon battery solution, meeting the growing demand for electric vehicles in Europe. We love the diversity of the team and the merger between Asian and European technology. Verkor recruits talent worldwide and supports employees through the entire process of relocation, from visa sponsorship to administrative assistance and language learning! As such, they are able to build and welcome a team of expert international talents, who significantly contribute to the global solution that they build, and their company culture. Besides cultural diversity, we love that the Verkor team is composed of individuals with a wide range of skills, and/or educational backgrounds - from academia to engineering, a diverse skills set and contribution is valued.

    Through their cross-team buddy system, you are equipped with the essential skills and knowledge to perform at your highest potential from the onset. With their “Verkor Days” held out in nature, team members are given an opportunity to keep up to speed with the ongoing activities at Verkor, discuss key milestones, engage in team building activities, and most importantly socialise with their colleagues. We love that despite working on such a major mission, Verkor makes time to hold company celebrations and acknowledge their team's efforts and milestones.

    – Caroline and the 50inTech Team

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