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VO2 Group


[VO2 Finance] - Business analyst junior

75002, France

Job description

Vous serez amené à travailler chez l'un de nos clients, l'un des leaders bancaires sur le marché français et internationale. 

Les missions sont :

  • Recueil de besoin
  • Rédaction des US
  • Définition des plans de tests
  • Recette
  • Rédaction des documents produits (user guide, synthèse fonctionnelle, data catalogue)
  • Analyse incidents (lien entre support niveau L1 et les dev)
  • Supports utilisateurs

Preferred experience

  • Au moins 3 ans d'expérience (alternance comprise)
  • Une première expérience réussi sur un poste de Business Analyst
  • Connaissance de SQL
  • Avoir évolué dans un environnement agile
  • Anglais professionnel / courant
  • Maîtrise d'au moins un progiciel financiers type Summit, Murex ou Calypso (obligatoire)

This is the logo of VO2 Group

VO2 Group

The Bright Side Of Tech

VO2 Group is the only ESN of its size to have been set up on an equal footing by a founding couple, Émilie and Florent Daversin, joined by ambitious partners, with equality, diversity and inclusion at the heart of its strategy. For the company, the recognition and visibility of women in technology companies are at the heart of all the challenges facing tech in the 21st century. With 45% women in the company and an impressive 54% in management positions, VO2 Group has established itself as one of the most inclusive companies in French tech.

As proof of this, the Group has been awarded the Happy At Work label and has just won 1st place in the prestigious Choose My Company awards in the ESG Impact category! Another highlight, and not the least, is that they have the best recommendation rate from women, with 94% compared with 69% on average in France!

These awards confirm their pioneering position in terms of CSR commitment and the Future of Work, and the fact that they have been ahead of their market since their creation. 

Right in the heart of Paris's Silicon Sentier, they have set up shop in a hub that's as welcoming as it is conducive to pushing oneself to the limit - the rooftop with its 360° view over the whole of Paris and the gym are no mean feats!  Eco-sourced furniture to offer their employees and their entire ecosystem (yes, their customers and partners come to work for them) a place to work and live that unleashes their potential

It's this blend of determination, boldness, skill and playfulness that makes VO2 Group a radically unique ESN, and one that we at 50inTech love! And we can't wait to share our enthusiasm with all our 50's talents.

– Caroline & the 50inTech team

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