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Dataiku is the platform for Everyday AI, enabling data experts and domain experts to work together to build data into their daily operations, from advanced analytics to Generative AI.
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Our Mission

Dataiku builds the future of working with data and artificial intelligence, by systemizing access to these technologies through software. Dataiku has the vision that most organizations of the world - small businesses, large enterprises, nonprofits - will leverage those technologies and that most digital workers will be able to do more with data on a daily basis.

Dataiku offers a solution for “Everyday AI”, that can be used by everyone from technical to no-code. The design, deployment and management of AI is all encompassed within one central platform, improving the decision-making capabilities of teams using advanced data analytics. Amongst many diversity, equity and inclusion actions, Dataiku has implemented a  Women in Leadership program for women Dataikers, providing coaching and mentoring. Furthermore, in support of women's education in STEM, and to promote diversity within Tech, they have partnered with ESSEC and CentraleSupelec to offer the Dataiku Scholarship for Women Leaders in Data Science. This along with their leadership training, Employee Resource Groups (ERG’s), upcoming Women in Data Science events, and other ambitions and initiatives, clearly shows their commitment to breaking down barriers to inclusion in Tech, and empowering people. It comes as no surprise that Dataiku has deservedly acquired several accolades over the past year including, Forbes America's Best Startup Employers 2021, Inc. 2021 Best Workplaces and Glassdoor Best Tech Companies For Remote Jobs In 2021. With ambitions to have a 40% representation of women by 2024, Dataiku is rapidly nearing achieving their goal, and we’re excited to join and support them on this journey, and beyond.

Caroline & the 50inTech team

Our Values

  • Diversity of people and perspective : we mix people and perspectives to shape the future of data & AI in a responsible way.
  • Tolerance & open-mindedness : we embrace differences and new ideas and fight against racism and bias.
  • Accountable camaraderie : we think, act, and celebrate as a team, trusting and supporting each other regardless of function.
  • Work-Life balance : we respect each person’s way of finding balance, providing flexibility, and counting progress, not hours.
  • Dedication To Learning : we geek out with new technologies, learn from others everyday, and grow ourselves by growing others.
  • Conscious Long-term Responsibility : we strive to maximize our positive impact on the world. Through our products and beyond, for today and tomorrow.

Our Diversity actions

  • Dataiku's Women in Leadership program provides female Dataikers with coaching and mentoring opportunities (with PILOT), support groups as well as Live and Learn Sessions around imposter syndrome, work-life balance, or vulnerability at work.
  • The Dataiku Scholarship for Women Leaders in data science helps foreign female students join Essec & Centrale Supelec's elite program in Data Sciences and Business Analytics.
  • The Diversity Equity & Inclusion Advisory Council is an employee-led group working closely with the leadership team on all global diversity initiatives.
  • Dataiku's VP of Sales Atossa Vaziri animated a salary negotiation masterclass “Sit down, don’t be humble: how to rock your annual performance review” where 130 attendees, including members from Dataiku's ERG EmpoWer, took home some great advices!

Diversity and inclusion ambitions/goals for the next year

  • All Dataiku managers will soon be trained on how to eliminate unconscious bias in hiring and performance reviews. We will also be rolling out more leadership training around topics like mental health, inclusive leadership, and managing a diverse team.
  • Further development of our Employee Resource Groups (ERG’s), and letting them be advisors as well as rolling out more workshops and activities.
  • We have several WIDS (women in data science) ambassadors who will be hosting events in Spring in two of our office locations.
  • Recognizing the work of our cultural ambassadors who help to drive culture and inclusion at Dataiku.
  • The phData/Dataiku Advancement of Women in Data Science Scholarship helps female students join St. Catherine University’s elite program in Data Science.
  • Read our most recent Diversity, Equity and Inclusion report for more info.

Our goal together

We’ve set ambitious diversity hiring goals to reach by the end of 2024: 40% of female representation 

  • 2018 - 26%
  • 2019 - 29%
  • 2022 - 38%
  • Women in People Management 31%

Our year at 50inTech

In 2021, 40% of our hires were women.


Dataiku's DNA has always been about empowering everybody and breaking walls that prevent people from reaching their full potential. We believe that this mission does not stop at our products and at data science. We want to try out new things to be an active contributor in making the tech sector a more inclusive and diverse place for all” 

- Co-founder & CTO, Clement Stenac


  • Shared experiences: We love to gather Dataikers and organize social events (remote or in-person) throughout the year: daily catered breakfast or lunch (depending on local traditions), trivia nights, sports , monthly happy hours, quarterly regional outings, and an annual offsite create many fun opportunities to connect in an informal way with coworkers.
  • Learning for all: People at Dataiku are curious and avid learners. That’s why besides our very complete onboarding week, we have ongoing learning opportunities like our Friday Universities and our various Sales & Tech enablement workshops.
  • Parental benefits: We offer 60 days of fully-paid leave for all new parents regardless of gender or status globally as well as the flexibility for each of them to choose whenever they prefer taking that time off (all at once or not, in the weeks leading up to the event, and up through six months after).
  • Volunteer time-off with Ikig.AI: We believe everybody at Dataiku should have the opportunity to work on projects they cherish and where they feel useful. Our Ikig.AI program, allows each employee to accrue a global pool of Paid Volunteering Time with 2.5 days a year. Each of them can then use some of this time to work pro-bono for a non-profit of their choosing, up to 15 days every year.

Recruitment Process

  • Interview with a recruiter
  • Interview with a manager
  • Assessment (technical test at home, roleplay or business case, depending on the role)
  • Final interviews: interview with a Director/VP + peer interview

Supported communities

  • Women in AI
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Télémaque
  • The Ocean Cleanup
  • AI Lab for good
  • Action Against Hunger

...and many more!

Relevant data

Women in the workforce38%
Women in technical roles20%
Women in managerial roles31%
Women in C-level roles2%
InHerSight rating4.9
Egapro index (France, /100)82

Diversity Stories

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